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Basic Results

Basic Results Page

Enter your search terms to find results with those terms in the title or resource description. The dropdown on the left of the search box has Keyword, Title, and Author; Keyword will search the title and description of the resource. Advanced Search has options for adding fields, including limits like publication name, date, and language.

For more options click Advanced Search (underneath the text box) and refine your results by adding limiters like dates or publication name.

Expanded Criteria

Add results beyond the Public Library Classic catalog with Online resources

To broaden the search and find all content licensed to the Public Library, on the left side select the square box next to Available in Print and Online and deselect  the Public Library Catalog Only box and a much greater number of results will be returned. You are now searching many of our online databases and will get great results searching journals, magazines, news articles, ebooks, and more.

Research Starter

Use the Research Starter to find reputable information related to a topic


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