Catalog Help

Saving a Search

Saved Searches allow users to keep track of additions to the catalog by authors that they like, or titles that they know are being published but are not yet in circulation at the Public Library. You must be logged in to My Account to save a search and have the button display at the top of search results.

Note that when the button is pressed there is not a change in the screen and it appears nothing has occurred.

When you visit My Account the saved search will be in the list. The maximum number of saved searches for any account is 25.

All saved searches will be listed in My Account by the type of search (Keyword, Author, Title, etc.) You can choose to search by those terms by clicking on the hyperlink next to the search term. Click the check boxes to find receive an email when new matches occur in the catalog, or to delete saved searches from the list.

saved search

NOTE: There is a limit of 25 searches that can be saved on a library account. If you have the maximum saved searches on your account the 'Save Search' button will no longer be visible when you are logged in and searching. You will need to delete a search in order to create a new one.


Creating a List

Perform a search from Classic catalog. Use the checkboxes to select the items to add. The icon above the green header bar and icons to the right of each item will prompt to add to an existing list, or create a new one.




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