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Reading History

About Reading History

Users may elect to keep track of items checked out with the Public Library by enabling reading history. The list of titles is only viewable when n logged in to My Account and library staff do not have access to the list. You can opt in or opt out at any time.

Your Reading History will track your check outs of books, audiobooks, CDs, DVDs, and other items, but does not track your downloadable checkouts like eBooks and eAudiobooks.

Opting In & Opting Out of Reading History

Opt in to tracking your Reading History by logging in to My Account. Choose Reading History from the account menu, then click the Save Reading History button to opt in. After you opt in, all items checked out on the account will be saved in a list Items checked out at the time you request to track reading history will not be tracked.

Opt out by logging in to My Account. Choose Reading History from the account menu. You must delete your reading history records before opting out of tracking. Use the Delete All button at the top of the list to delete your Reading History, then select the Opt Out button. To keep a record of your Reading History before deleting it, use the Export Reading History button to have the list delivered via email or presented as a webpage on the screen.

Managing Reading History

You may delete individual items from your Reading History by using the check boxes and Delete Marked button.

Sort your Reading History by Title, Author, Checked Out date, or Details by selecting the linked column headers. This will sort your Reading History in ascending order.

Export your Reading History by choosing the Export Reading History button. This allows you to email a list or save an HTML (webpage) file with the titles from the reading history. Choose the format of listed items (Full, Brief, or MARC display), then select Email or Screen. After selecting Email, provide an email address and modify the subject of the email if desired. Press the Submit button to execute the command.

Emailing Items

To perform the functions below, a customer must be logged in to My Account.

Emailing Items

Email catalog record links to an email address using My Book Cart or a Saved List.

Begin by searching for an item. Next to the item you wish to email, select to Add Marked to Cart or Add Marked to List . Once in My Account, select your Cart or corresponding List to view individual records and check the boxes to the left of items to email. Choose Export above the list of titles, and enter the email address, edit the subject if desired, then click Submit.

email cart


email cart

Book Cart

My Book Cart

My Book Cart can be used to place holds on multiple items at once, to add items to a saved list, or to email items. The items in your book cart are only available during your current session; they will not be saved if you log out or navigate away from the catalog. To save them for another session, see below to save as a list.

add to basket

Start using any of these features by searching for items in the catalog. Use the checkboxes to the left of the items (or on individual record page) for each addition to basket. You can view items in your cart at any time by choosing the View Cart link at the top or bottom of the catalog page.

my book cart

After you have at least one item in your cart, you can select individual items using the checkboxes to the left of the of the item add add to a list, email or request. View the items in your cart, then use the checkboxes to select items. You can select individual items using the checkboxes to the left of the item or all items/none by using the link at the top of the list. Once the items have been selected, you can choose to:

Place Hold/Request it: Choose the location from the dropdown menu where you would like to pick up your holds. Select Submit.

Email (Export): print the list or enter the email address that will receive a copy of this list of items. Enter the subject of the email and select Send.

Save to List: choose an existing list to save the item to from the dropdown menu, and select Add. Or, choose Save to new list. Give your list a name and description, then select Create. You can view and edit your lists from My Account.

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