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My Folder

Use the Folder feature to save your searches, items, and more

Create a personal account in the Folder to keep your preferences the same when you return to search Discovery. You can create a username and password or login with your Google account. Also, you can save previous searches as well as items and articles to refer to in the future. Sharing results from the folder to email accounts, social media, friends and family is easy.


Remember that this is not associated with a library account. It will not record Public Library circulation (reading history) and will not track or manage holds for materials.

Discovery login with Google

Set up Preferences

Choose result page preferences

Discovery can show results in a number of different ways.

Change the way results are sorted, and how results appear on the page. Want a brief view? Select Title Only.

Want to see details right on the results screen? Select Detailed and results will display with the title, author, subjects associated with the resources, and a brief description, right there in the list!

Increase the number of results by changing the number of Results per page.

Use the Folder to save for future sessions!

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