From New Town to the Nuclear Age: 2014 Speaker Series

Special Collections Speaker Series for 2014.


The 2014 Speaker SeSpeaker Series Logories at Special Collections Library puts the spotlight on New Town, the city that grew to the east and the north as the railroad arrived and changed Albuquerque forever. 

What did it take to turn a town of 1,300 into a city of 200,000 in just 80 years? Ponder the progress and the pitfalls as ABC Library and Oasis-Albuquerque go From New Town to the Nuclear Age: Albuquerque 1880-1960.

Presentations are scheduled on the second Saturday of each month in Botts Hall, 10:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
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Slides from Our Earlier Presentations

Information from Earlier Programs

Information from Earlier Programs

For those who weren't able to attend Assistant Chief Herman Bishop's talk on the history of the Albuquerque Fire Department, you might enjoy a look at the timeline on the AFD Retirees web site.

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Standard Sources

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