Making Change: Businesses, People, and Projects that Shaped a City

A local history series at Special Collections presented by The Public Library ABQ – BernCo, Historic Albuquerque, Inc., and Oasis Albuquerque.

Making Change

Making Change is an ongoing local history series about the forces that shaped Albuquerque as we know it today. Speakers will be sharing stories of businesses, individuals, technologies and trends that have left a lasting impression on our city.

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ABC LibraryHistoric Albuquerque IncorporatedOasis Albuquerque

Making Change is presented by the Public Library ABQ-BernCo, Historic Albuquerque, Inc., and Oasis Albuquerque. We are deeply grateful for their support.

Making Change

Making Change logo, currency scattered across 1883 plat map of Albuquerque

Image: Plat of the Town of Albuquerque Grant in Bernalillo County, New Mexico, 1883 (United States, Surveyor General)

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