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Simple Searches

Simple Searches

search box in headerUse the search box at the top of most library webpages to search for books, DVDs, CDs, and more. You can search for the title, author, subject, or other characteristic. This will search all fields in library records for your entered search terms.

You can use quotation marks around your keywords if you would like to search for the words as a phrase (example: "birthday cake"). You can also use asterisks as wild cards within a word or at the end of a string - helpful if you are not sure of the spelling, if you want to search for both singular and plural, or if you want to search for all words that start the same way. (example: wom*n, results for both woman and women; environment*, results for environment, environments, environmental, environmentalist, etc)

Advanced Searches

Advanced Searches

advanced searchUse the search box at the top of most library pages to begin your search, then select Advanced Search or use the Advanced Search link if you are already in the catalog. 

Use the dropdown menus to specify which fields in the library record to search for your terms: Author, Title, Subject, or Keyword (all). The Author field can be used with author first name, last name, or the reverse. Subject searches are not limited to exact subject headings, but exact ones will return better results.

Combine multiple search terms by using the Boolean operators And, Or, and Not. Using And will return search results that contain both search terms. Or will provide you with search results for one or both of your search terms. Not will exclude items containing that term that would otherwise have been returned with your other search term.

Filtering Your Search Results

Filtering Your Search Results

filters or refinementsOnce you receive your search results, you can use filters to improve and refine your results. 

The search found in filter allows you to select which field your search term should be applied to (title, subject, author, community tag)

The format filter allows you to show only items in your preferred format (books, eBooks, eAudiobooks, books on CD, etc).

The collection filter can be used to view only items in certain collections, like the Children's Collection or International Collection.

The language filter can restrict your results to only items in a specified language. This is most useful if you are looking for items in a language other than English.

The tag filter is used to restrict your results to items that have been tagged with a specific term by library users or library staff. 

The place filter allows you to select items that have particular places specified in their Library of Congress Subject Headings. Some items contain multiple places.

The publish date filter can be used to show only items published between certain years.


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