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Get Started

Get Started

To create your ebrary account:

  1. Click on the "Sign In" button in the upper right corner.
  2. On the Sign In page, click on Create my user account.
  3. Complete the form and then click on Create My Account.

By creating an ebrary account, you can

  • Download chapters of the book to your computer as a PDF
  • Save documents, notes, and highlights to your personal bookshelf (only with the ebrary Reader)
  • Add books to your bookshelf to save for future use
  • Create folders to organize your research

Troubleshooting Guide

Troubleshooting Guide

Unity Reader Installation Issues

If you feel strongly about using the Unity Reader, here are some tips if you experience problems:

  • Make sure you have the most recent version of Java, at least version 1.6
  • Cookies need to be enabled

Error Code 102 usually means the Unity Reader was unable to connect to ebrary servers, here are some suggestions:

  • must not be blocked on ports 80 and 443
    • This has been a common problem with sites that are using proxies
  • Make a firewall exception for the Unity Reader
  • Make sure you have write access to your home directory
    • The Unity Reader does not require admin rights for installation but it creates personalized files for users in their home directory
    • Occasionally, roaming profiles have resulted in issues with this

Error Code 30 issues or expired/invalid session errors:

  • If you are using a proxy such as a Bluecoat or Squid Proxy, ensure the proxy server does not cache-control any content from ebrary.

If you are still having trouble, visit the following diagnostic sites and send the results to us.


Problems running ebrary on Internet Explorer

Troubleshooting tips:

1. Try using a different browser

  • Firefox works particularly well with ebrary
  • If you don’t have Firefox already you can download it free at
  • It’s fine to run two different browsers at the same time – you could use Firefox for ebrary and IE for other things

2. If you want to continue using IE for ebrary, try disabling IE extensions

  • This solution has a pretty high success rate
  • Briefly, here’s how to disable IE extensions:

Go to… Start > Run > type ‘Control Inetcpl.cpl’ > Click the Advanced tab Under Browsing, uncheck ‘Enable third-party browser extensions (requires restart)’ Restart IE

3. Alternatively you can try doing a complete reset of IE

4) “Compatibility Mode” could be the problem


To clear your browser’s cache

To clear your browser’s cache (which is always a good idea if you’re experiencing unexpected behavior):

- For Internet Explorer:

1. Under the “Tools” menu

2. Select “Internet Options”

3. Under the “Browsing history” heading

4. Click the “Delete…” button

5. In the menu that pops up, select the check-boxes for at least first six items

6. Click the “Delete” button

7. Then click the “OK” button

8. Close all your browser windows and reopen

- For Mozilla Firefox:

1. Under the “Tools” menu

2. Select “Clear Recent History…”

3. In the menu that pops up, select the check-boxes of all six items

4. Click the “Clear Now” button

5. Close all your browser windows and reopen

Or see:

- For Google Chrome:

1. Under the wrench-looking menu

2. Select “Tools” then “Clear browsing data…”

3. In the menu that pops up, select the check-boxes of all six items

4. In the “Clear data from this period” leave it as “Everything”

5. Click the “Clear browsing data” button

6. Close all your browser windows and reopen

Or see:


To check your cookie settings

Windows computers:

  • Internet Explorer: Tools > Internet Options > Privacy tab. Level of security Medium (default) or below; Medium-High and High will block cookies. Click on the “Advanced button” and make sure First-Party cookies are set to “Accept”.
  • Firefox: Tools > Options:Privacy Section >Cookies Tab. Check box “Allow sites to set cookies”.

Macintosh computers:

  • Safari: Safari > Preferences > Security. Make sure the check is not on “Disable Cookies”, either one of the other settings should be fine.
  • Firefox: Firefox > Preferences > Privacy Tab. Check box next to “Accept cookies from sites”.

Need Help?

Need Help?

Our ebrary Troubleshooting Guide has answers to many common questions.

If you can't find what you need, please contact ebrary Technical Support for help.

Mobile Device

Using ebrary with mobile devices

Use ebrary through your mobile device's browser while connected to the internet. For offline access, download the Bluefire Reader.

Detailed instructions are available from ebrary support.

Installing the ebrary Plug-in Reader

Installing the Ebrary plugin reader

ebrary Readers allows you to view and interact with documents and include the following functionality:

  • Navigate to your search terms
  • Search within a document for new terms
  • Add documents to your bookshelf
  • Print and copy pages
  • Highlight text
  • Create and edit notes
  • Use ebrary InfoTools

The ebrary Plug-In Reader runs on Windows and Mac OS. The installation varies depending on the operating system and browser that you use.

If you do not have the ebrary Plug-in Reader installed, Internet Explorer or Firefox prompts you to install the reader when you try to use it.

To install the ebrary Plug-in Reader on Internet Explorer or Firefox

  1. Click a document title.
  2. At the prompt, download the ebrary Plug-in Reader.
  3. After you accept the License Agreement, you can use the ebrary Plug-in Reader.

Note: If you have difficulties installing the ebrary Plug-in Reader, refer to this troubleshooting guide.

You might need to refresh or restart your browser.

Installing the ebrary Plugin Reader on Mac OS

You can install the Plugin Reader on Mac OS X version 10.2 and later on one of the supported browsers:

  • Safari 1.1 and later
  • Firefox 1.0 and later

To install the ebrary Plug-in Reader on Mac OS

  1. Click to download the ebrary Mac installer.
  2. Save the file when prompted. Most browsers download files to the desktop by default.
  3. If your browser does not run the installer automatically, you can launch it:
    • Double-click the ebraryReaderInstaller.dmg file to mount the file.
    • Click ebrary Reader Installer run the installer.
  4. Respond to the installer prompts to complete the installation.

    You might need to refresh or restart your browser.

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