Computer Classes & Self-Study

About the "What to bring with you" Symbols

Here's an explanation of the symbols used in some class descriptions. For each class, an item might be required, optional, or should be left at home.

no food or beverages Library policy prohibits bringing any food or beverages into the building.  Bottled water is allowed.

librarycardPublic computers require each person to have a valid library card with computer access enabled.  Please know your PIN in order to log in to the public computers or your account.

clipboardBring paper and pen or pencil if you'd like to take notes.

USB drive A USB flash drive (also called a thumb drive) for saving documents, photos, music and other types of files is needed to keep your work. Public computers do not allow files to be saved to them.

emailAn Email account may be required before attending the lesson. Students should already have an email address and be able to get to the Inbox with a valid password.

laptopPersonal laptops are required for some classes. The public computers are used in classes where laptop computers are not required.

mobile devicesMobile devices such as smartphones (Android, Blackberry, iPhone, etc.,) eReaders, MP3 Players and iPads are used in sessions about downloading digital media. Please bring yours with you to these classes.

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