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Mis-Returned Materials

Misreturned Materials

A substantial number of items are received at ABQ-BernCo Library locations that belong to other libraries, agencies or are personal materials. There is no tracking mechanism or staff to handle these items for customers on an individual basis. However, ABQ-BernCo Library has reciprocal arrangements for the return of materials from/to the following locations on an irregular basis:

Albuquerque Public Schools


Corrales Community Library

Rio Rancho Public Library

UNM - Main Albuquerque Campus

Sandia Preparatory School Library


If another library/agency is the owner of materials you may have returned by mistake to an ABQ-BernCo Library location, there is no return mechanism in place and ABQ-BEnrCo Library has no inventory of these materials.

Please contact the ABQ-BernCo Library Branch where you may have returned the item(s) and ask them to check their mis-returned shelves. You must have the book title and the owning library/agency for your request to the Branch staff.

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